10 Reasons to Stop Waiting for the Home You Want (and How to Finance It)

10 Reasons to Stop Waiting for the Home You Want (and How to Finance It) - Infographic

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Have you been dreaming about owning a home, but have been putting off purchasing one because you are waiting for ‘a better time’ to close the deal? If so, take a look below at 10 excellent reasons why you should stop waiting and purchase the home you want.

#1 - Rents will continue skyrocketing

Data collected by Mortgage.com revealed that rents have outpaced home values in up to 60% of the biggest housing markets. Up to 90% of landlords have raised prices in the past year as well.

#2 - Your home will be an investment

Obtaining home loans in Toronto to buy a house will enable you to invest in your family’s future. This will provide them with a sense of security in knowing that they will never have to move unless you choose to sell at a later stage.

#3 - Interest rates are still low

At the moment, interest rates on second mortgages in Toronto are at an all-time low, which means that you will be able to score a tremendous deal on a home purchase.

#4 - You can get tax breaks

In most cases, mortgage interest as well as annual real estate taxes can be deducted as an expense when filing your tax return each year. Over time, this can amount to savings of thousands of dollars.

#5 - An excellent investment

Although the housing market does take a dip every so often, it always rebounds in the end. This means that in time, you will have a fantastic investment on your hands that is worth every penny you paid for it.

#6 - You can do as you please

Are you tired of landlords who refuse permission to have pets or have a fit because you park on the lawn? Have you had enough of not being able to decorate as you see fit? When obtaining Toronto second mortgages, you will be able to buy your own home and live as you please.

#7 - Get a better home

In most instances, rental properties are not that well taken care of. However, when you make use of home loans on Toronto to buy your own place, you can truly make it into a home.

#8 - A great way to save

Using one of the many available Toronto second mortgages to buy a home will enable you to put more money away in your equity and save for the future.

#9 - Improve energy efficiency

Most landlords won’t outlay money to make their rentals more energy-efficient because they won’t reap the financial reward afterwards. However, when you buy a home, you can do this and enjoy savings on energy bills as well as on taxes.

#10 - It’s a buyer’s market

At present, you have the advantage of being able to get the home of your dreams at a greatly reduced price – and sell later for a tremendous profit if you like.

If you would like to find out more about obtaining bad credit mortgages in Toronto or you would like to find out how to go about owning the home of your dreams, contact us today.

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