5 Best Ways to Boost Your House Value

5 Best Ways to Boost Your Property Value - Infographic

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Many people live in their homes for years without performing nay upgrades. While this can save a lot of money, it will result in the fixtures in and around their homes looking outdated after a short while. Not only will updating your home make it look more appealing; it can boost its value tremendously as well. Below are 5 changes you can make, by means of applying for a second mortgage in Mississauga, all of which can boost your house value substantially.

#1 – A Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving your home a new coat of paint inside and outside is not only one of the fastest ways to boost its value; it is normally one of the most affordable upgrades to make, usually only costing a few hundred dollars at most. When doing so though, keep in mind that neutral colors such as light gray, beige, cream or even white are the way to go – very few people will find a home appealing if it has been painted a bright shade of blue or green, for example. When choosing paint, always opt for the best quality possible.

#2 – Create a Feeling of Space

Nowadays, space tends to be one of the most coveted items among home owners and buyers. If your kitchen never seems to have enough storage space or existing cabinets are excessively small, consider adding an island to give additional storage space. In cases where the kitchen itself is small, consider knocking out a wall to an adjoining room to expand it – as many as 75% of potential buyers say that the first thing they look at in a potential home purchase is the kitchen.

#3 – Give the Bathroom Some Love

Many people think that bathroom updates will cost thousands of dollars, or that they will take months to complete. However, even taking an hour or two to replace outdated faucets and other fixtures such as towel rails, soap dispensers and toilet seats can make a huge difference. If your bathroom never seems to be light enough, consider upgrading to LED lights. These are not only brighter; they will reduce your energy bill substantially as well.

#4 – Remove Carpets

Although carpets were the choice of most home buyers a decade or so ago, this is no longer the case. Most families now prefer floor coverings that are hardwearing, easy to clean and that don’t trap dust in any way. If areas of your home still have carpeting installed that is beyond its ‘best before’ date, remove it and replace it with options such as laminate, vinyl or even tiled flooring. You may be able to qualify for a bad credit mortgage in Mississauga to help cover the cost of this.

#5 – Landscaping

The adage of ‘first impressions are lasting’ is definitely true when it comes to making improvements that will boost your home’s value. Start by trimming all bushes and mowing the lawn to neaten up the outside of your home. If there are any bare spots in the lawn, these can be filled with additional grass seed. Also ensure that no garden tools, toys and other items are left lying around the yard.

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