What is a Bridge Mortgage Loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan that allows you to pay off the balance on your current property so that you don’t have two mortgages while you are waiting to sell your home. Take a look at our latest post to understand how bridge mortgage loan works.

Bad Credit Mortgage. How to Apply Online

The bad credit mortgage, also popular as subprime mortgage, is a type of mortgage available for homebuyers with low credit ratings. In order to find out if you have a bad credit history as well as how to apply for a bad credit mortgage you should check our new article and check the infographic.

Top 5 Mistakes about Bad Credit Mortgages

A high risk mortgage becomes inevitable when the loanee accumulates bad credit, which translates into increased interest rates, prepayment penalties and foreclosure costs. In the following infographic there are 5 mistakes presented people make with bad credit mortgages.
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