Top 5 Mistakes about Bad Credit Mortgages

A high risk mortgage becomes inevitable when the loanee accumulates bad credit, which translates into increased interest rates, prepayment penalties and foreclosure costs. In the following infographic there are 5 mistakes presented people make with bad credit mortgages.

House Flipping with Bad Credit Mortgage

Home loans for bad credit can be used for house flipping with bad credit mortgage cash as the terms of the loan are generally much shorter than the loan for a conventional mortgage. Check out our new infographic about ways to flip houses even with a bad credit mortgage.

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

Failing to pay mortgage payments every month may lead to the bank or mortgage lender taking action to repossess the home. Check out our new infographic on ways to avoid possible foreclosure.

A Simple Guide to Getting Bad Credit Mortgage Loan

Many people get lost in financial issues and terms when it comes to their mortgage loan application especially if their credit history is poor. Check out our new infographic explaining in simple terms the necessary actions people with bad credit history should take in order to get approved.
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