7 Home Upgrades That Offer the Highest Returns

7 Home Upgrades That Offer the Highest Returns - Infographic

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When doing home upgrades, numerous people make the mistake of doing multiple projects to try and increase the value of their properties as much as possible. However, quality will always trump quantity, which means that the right upgrades must be done to boost its value – and a great price in the event of selling someday. Below are examples of the best home upgrades that can be done with the help of second mortgages or Toronto home loans.

#1 – Kitchens

Because the kitchen is one of the main ‘make or break’ points when it comes to buying or selling homes, this is one area that should always look its best. When obtaining Toronto home loans to do remodeling, be sure to keep fixture and finish choices relatively neutral – not everyone will share a taste for purple cabinets with green trims.

#2 – Bathrooms

Homes with 2 or more bathrooms will usually be snapped up quicker than those with only 1. However, if there is no space for an additional bathroom, ensure that the existing one is decorated as tastefully as possible. While keeping up with current trends is important, ensure that color and fixture choices are practical and aesthetically pleasing.

#3 – Window Replacements

Replacing outdated, worn or damaged windows can make a home look virtually brand new. When using a second mortgage in Kitchener to change house windows, it’s important to keep the style of the property in mind and choose new frames that will complement it.

#4 – Steel Entryway Doors

Installing steel entryway doors will render a home more secure in that they are far more difficult to breach than most standard front doors. In addition, these doors have been proven to help improve energy consumption levels substantially, making them an excellent choice.

#5 – Garage Doors

Although these can be expensive to replace – unless a bad credit mortgage in Kitchener is obtained to assist with covering the cost, installing a new garage door will not only give a home an immediate facelift; it can help improve security as well. Another benefit of replacing a garage door is that most new ones are insulated, meaning that they will help improve energy usage.

#6 – Attic Conversions

This is another great way in which a second mortgage in Kitchener can be put too good use. Homes that have taken full advantage of all available space are usually snapped up quickly. Attics can even be converted to additional bedrooms, storage areas, she sheds or man caves.

#7 – Energy Efficient Appliances

Many home owners obtain second mortgages to upgrade older appliances, especially when remodeling the rest of a kitchen. When doing this, it is recommended that energy star rated appliances be chosen, as they will save a lot of money in the long term.

If you are a home owner who needs to obtain a bad credit mortgage in Kitchener to perform a few necessary upgrades to your property, get in touch with one of our professional consultants today. We are always willing to assist you.

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