Second Mortgage Loans: Private Lenders vs Banks

Second Mortgage Loans: Private Lenders vs Banks - Infographic

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Getting a second mortgage in Barrie can be an intimidating process, but the more you understand about it the more financially secure you will feel. One of the big questions you’ll find yourself facing is the matter of getting the second mortgage through a private lender or a public bank. Both sides have their pros and cons, and these items are presented below so you can make an educated decision about the process.

Benefits of a Private Lender

People looking for second mortgages in Barrie might wish to consider going with a private lending firm, which offers several advantages. They are much more flexible when it comes to the terms of the loan, giving you more room to negotiate a deal which gives you the money you need while providing you with financial protection. Private lenders are also likely to overlook poor credit histories or a lack of credit. Because of that, most people who get a poor credit mortgage in Barrie do so through a private lender.

Private Lender Drawbacks

The biggest downside to working with a private lender is the fact that they are not as regulated as public banks. This means that you need to be more educated on financial matters and make sure you read through the terms of your agreement carefully. If you have doubts about the contract you are about to sign, have a lawyer or financial advisor look it over. They can compare the terms to other common contracts and give you an idea as to the trustworthiness of your potential lender.

Benefits of Public Banks

Public banks provide you with the luxury of structure and a set protocol involving your second mortgage. These banks deal with hundreds or even thousands of mortgage agreements on a weekly basis and can provide you with a number of different packages designed to fit your financial situation and residency. If you got your first mortgage through a public bank, that same bank will likely work with you for a second mortgage as well.

Public Bank Drawbacks

The downside to public banks is that they are all about the profits they can bring in and usually care little about your individual situation. If you have a rough credit history and are looking for poor credit mortgages in Barrie, a public bank is much less likely to help you than a private lender. Additionally, banks tend to be much less flexible in the terms of a mortgage. While they can offer you a wide range of different service options, they have a hard time bending those options to fit a unique need due to the amount of regulation required in the industry.

In many cases, an individual with poor credit looking for a second mortgage on a home will benefit more from doing research on trustworthy private lenders. However, you should consider the information above and then make an educated choice that fits your situation. The more you know going into the process, the easier getting that new mortgage will be.

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