5 Winter House Hunting Tips in Canada’s Capital

5 Winter House Hunting Tips in Canada’s Capital

Looking for a home during the winter months is a lot like house hunting any time of year. Even so, there are some additional matters to address before signing any type of contract. Here are some tips that will make house hunting in Ottawa more productive and increase the odds of finding the ideal residential property.

Working With an Agent

Agents know what is on the market, how long homes have been available, and what is about to be listed. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of finding homes worth consideration. A targeted search saves time, frustration, and improves the odds of finding the right place before spring arrives.

Arranging Financing In Advance

Like other times of the year, it pays to go through the process of securing financing before looking at any properties. People who have experienced some financial troubles in recent years may hesitate to make the rounds and find a lender who is willing to work with them. Rest assured there are lenders who provide bad credit mortgages in Ottawa that include terms and provisions the applicant can handle.

The goal is to talk with a lender about the plan to spend some time looking for a new home this winter. Discuss what sort of monthly mortgage payment would fit into the budget, and the kind of total purchase price that the client is willing to take on. Information like this is important to lenders who extend poor credit mortgages in Ottawa, including providing pre-approved financing packages.

The value of having the financing approved in advance is that it’s possible to make an offer on the spot. That comes in handy when a real estate agent finds a place the client can afford and shows it before the public listing occurs. Swift action means the place is off the market before it was officially on.

Inspecting the Home Closely

Winter is an ideal time to find out what it takes to heat the home during cold weather. During an open house or a showing, take note of the amount of draft by each window. Does the furnace or other heating system make a lot of noise or seem to run constantly during the visit? Does the home include backup sources of heat, like a wood burning stove? Even things like whether the windows are double or single panes let the buyer know what to expect in terms of heating costs.

Visit More Than One Home

A certain property may seem ideal, but always visit at least one more place. The next one may offer everything the buyer wants, plus a few more features. Best of all, the price may be lower. There’s always the chance of returning to that first home and making an offer if the other options aren’t quite right.

Remaining Calm During a Showing

Even if the place is perfect in terms of features, location, and comes with a cost that fits in with the offer for a bad credit mortgage in Ottawa, don’t appear too eager. Make an offer if desired, but remember it never hurts to offer something less than the asking price. If the home has been on the market for some time, the owner may be willing to accept a little less.

Secure that poor credit mortgage in Ottawa today and start checking out homes within the right price range. With a little luck, the right home will be found quickly and the sale will be complete in a matter of weeks.

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