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Second Mortgages
Mar 09, 2018

When is it a Good Time to Take a Second Mortgage Out on My Home?

While everything may not be going your way right now, there is one aspect of your financial life that is in great shape.

Second Mortgages
Oct 25, 2017

How Hard is it to Get a Second Mortgage in Cambridge?

Here are some of the factors that most lenders will consider before approving the loan application.

Second Mortgages
Sep 30, 2017

How You Can Use a Second Mortgage to Get An Investment Property in London

While you have no plans to move at present, the idea of owning some type of residential or commercial property as an investment makes sense.

Second Mortgages
May 31, 2017

Is Now the Right Time to Attack the GTA Home Market?

The Toronto Real Estate Board has released figures for the month of May 2017 and they indicate a change in what has been happening for some time.

Second Mortgages
Apr 10, 2017

Can I Still Afford a Home in a Big City in Ontario?

You’ve heard about the attempts to slow down rising home costs in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Ontario with the use of a tax.

Second Mortgages
Feb 05, 2017

How Does the CMHC Premium Hike Affect Your Second Mortgage Application?

By now, you’ve heard that the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation will be increasing mortgage insurance premiums this year.

Second Mortgages
Dec 07, 2016

Is a Home in Hamilton the Best Option to Invest in Ontario?

In fact, some would say that choosing to purchase a residential property in Hamilton is a wise financial move.

Second Mortgages
Dec 06, 2016

Second Mortgages Can Help You Invest in the Hot Toronto Market

How about considering a second mortgage as a way to make an investment in the currently hot Toronto market? Here are some of the ways that this type of approach can pay off in a big way.

Second Mortgages
May 12, 2016

Top 15 Things People Finance with Second Mortgages

Would you get a second mortgage to have a picturesque landscaping done round your house? Many home owners would, if you please! It’s common when people apply for a loan with the aim of buying a new house, or consolidating debts, or going on a dream vacation.

Second Mortgages
Apr 13, 2016

Best Mortgage Options for Second Home Buyers

Are you considering buying a second house but don’t have enough cash to pay it off at once? Or maybe you have already purchased a second property but you are short of money for starting a considerable house renovation? Such situations occur quite often.