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5 years ago
Second Mortgages
Dec 06, 2016

Second Mortgages Can Help You Invest in the Hot Toronto Market

Second Mortgages Can Help You Invest in the Hot Toronto Market

When many people think of taking out second mortgages, the idea is to take care of some pressing need. That need may be repairs to the primary residence or a way to consolidate unsecured debt into a more manageable form. While these strategies are certainly helpful, how about considering a second mortgage as a way to make an investment in the currently hot Toronto market? Here are some of the ways that this type of approach can pay off in a big way.

Securing an Investment Property

Opportunities to get a good deal on a commercial or residential property don’t come along every day. When a chance to purchase a property that is likely to appreciate in value over the next few years does arise, it pays to move quickly. A second mortgage in Toronto isn’t the only way to handle the financing, but it is often the most practical way to get the job done quickly.

A second mortgage is secured using an asset that the applicant already owns. Assuming the equity in the home is more than sufficient to cover the cost of the investment, the details can be worked out in just a few days. That makes it easier to put in a bid and secure that investment property before someone else can manage the financing.

Generating Income from the Property

With the property ownership now settled, there is a good chance that it can begin generating revenue quickly. For example, consider the idea of taking advantage of the hot residential property climate in Toronto right now. A home in a nice neighborhood may need some cosmetic touches, but those can be managed quickly and the place will be ready for renting. With a tenant in place who plans on staying around for some time and has a reputation of taking care of the places he or she has rented before, the new owner can look forward to a long and lucrative arrangement.

Keep in mind that the monthly rent from the property can go toward paying off the second mortgage in Toronto. Once the debt is settled, all future rental payments are net profit. That can provide plenty of financial security in the years to come.

An Asset That Pays Now and Later

The day will come when that residential or commercial property needs to be sold. By then, the mortgage will be settled and the cash from the sale will be free and clear. It’s not unusual for people to secure second mortgages in Toronto as a way to increase income in the here and now, plus have an asset to sell when the time comes to retire. As long as the payments are affordable and the other terms are reasonable, it’s possible to generate wealth for years and then top off the investment by selling the property for much more than the original purchase price.

If the idea of real estate as an investment sounds good, talk with a professional today about financing options. Ask questions about second mortgages and how they can provide the funds needed. In many cases, the result will be entering the market at the right time, creating a steady flow of revenue, and having an asset that reaps lots of rewards in the years to come.