How Might the 15% Tax on Foreign Buyers Affect Ontario’s Housing Market?

There has been a lot in the news about the booming housing market in Ontario. In particular, the GTA has experienced an unusually strong market with bidding wars on properties that would normally be less in demand. A recent report indicated that the March 2017 average price of a home in the Toronto market was up 33% over the cost of a similar home in March 2016.

Highlighting a Burgeoning Market: Houses in Kitchener for People With Bad Credit

The housing market in Kitchener has been booming for some time. As the figures for the first quarter of 2017 emerge, there is no sign that the boom is slowing down any time soon. Along with plenty of buyers who are looking for properties, there are signs that listings are also increasing. That means more homes for you to visit and consider.

Can I Still Afford a Home in a Big City in Ontario?

You’ve heard about the attempts to slow down rising home costs in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Ontario with the use of a tax. The fact that the median price for a home in Ontario is now around $389,000 and the average cost per square foot works out to $251 has also left you a little worried.

How to Take Advantage of Canada’s Hottest Housing Market With Poor Credit

While there is some speculation that the housing market in Canada will change somewhat from 2016, the projections by the Canadian Real Estate Association bode well for several markets throughout the country. The Greater Toronto Area shows every sign of remaining strong during 2017, although the supply in Toronto proper is not projected to keep up with the demand. That prompts real estate professionals to project more emphasis on the other cities in the GTA as well as those in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

I Have Bad Credit: What are My Mortgage Options?

Life is not always kind and credit scores can decrease under certain circumstances. While your credit may not be the best right this minute, you do have mortgage options. Exploring each one will provide the opportunity to find a way to purchase a new home and help you rebuild your damaged credit.
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