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Second Mortgages
Sep 30, 2017

How You Can Use a Second Mortgage to Get An Investment Property in London

While you have no plans to move at present, the idea of owning some type of residential or commercial property as an investment makes sense.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Sep 15, 2017

Can’t Get a Loan in Toronto Due to Bad Credit? Try Hamilton!

You would like to make the leap from apartment dweller to homeowner.

Refinance Loans
Aug 28, 2017

What's the Difference Between Refinancing My Home and Getting a Second Mortgage?

You would like to borrow money to reorganize your finances or possibly make some improvements to the home.

Home Equity Loans
Jul 28, 2017

Looking for a Great Value in the GTA? Get a Property in Oshawa!

Living in an apartment is getting tiresome and you would love to own a home.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Jul 15, 2017

City Living for a Fraction of the Cost of Toronto? Think Ottawa and Buy Quick! (Even with Bad Credit)

You have likely heard about the increase in housing prices in the GTA.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Jun 17, 2017

Is There a Better Time Than Now to Purchase a Home in the GTA? (Even With Bad Credit!)

Without a doubt, there are times when it makes sense to purchase a home and other times when it makes sense to wait.

Second Mortgages
May 31, 2017

Is Now the Right Time to Attack the GTA Home Market?

The Toronto Real Estate Board has released figures for the month of May 2017 and they indicate a change in what has been happening for some time.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Apr 21, 2017

How Might the 15% Tax on Foreign Buyers Affect Ontario’s Housing Market?

There has been a lot in the news about the booming housing market in Ontario.

Second Mortgages
Apr 10, 2017

Can I Still Afford a Home in a Big City in Ontario?

You’ve heard about the attempts to slow down rising home costs in Toronto, Ottawa, and other cities in Ontario with the use of a tax.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Apr 10, 2017

Highlighting a Burgeoning Market: Houses in Kitchener for People With Bad Credit

The housing market in Kitchener has been booming for some time.