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Private Mortgages
Aug 26, 2015

Mortgage Loans for Newcomers to Canada: How To

If you have just moved to Canada, you might be wondering what steps you should take in order to buy your first home in a new country.

Refinance Loans
Aug 24, 2015

Foreclosure or Bankruptcy: Will You Lose Your Home?

What should you do if you are getting close to bankruptcy or foreclosure? How not to lose your property and survive? This article will answer these two and other important questions and provide you with useful information on how to avoid foreclosure and the need to file bankruptcy.

Second Mortgages
Aug 20, 2015

3 Top Second Mortgage Options in GTA

Second mortgage loan is a great option when it comes to debt consolidation, paying for a child′s education or home repairs.

Bad Credit Mortgages
Jul 31, 2015

What Is the Minimum Credit Score Required to Get a Mortgage Loan in Canada?

Credit score is one of the most important elements that determines your ability to get a mortgage and influences your interest rates.

Second Mortgages
Jul 29, 2015

Understanding the Basics of the Second Mortgage Loan

A second mortgage loan is an additional loan that is taken out on a property, which is already mortgaged.

Poor Credit Mortgages
Jul 27, 2015

How to Buy a Home with No Money Down and Poor Credit

Dreaming about your own home? Wondering how to buy a property if your credit score leaves much to be desired and you have no money to cover a down payment? Read our latest article to figure out what options you have to buy a house of your dreams.

Poor Credit Mortgages
Jul 26, 2015

5 Tips to Qualify for a Home Loan with Poor Credit

Credit history is one of the most important factors that every financial institution considers if a person applies for a home loan.

Refinance Loans
Jun 23, 2015

How do Brokers Refinance Your Debts?

No matter what type of debt you have, whether it is a credit card debt or a student loan debt, refinancing can become your way out.

Refinance Loans
Apr 29, 2015

When Can You Refinance a Mortgage?

Nowadays, a lot of Canadian homeowners apply for mortgage refinancing to access the equity in the property and get lower interest rates.

Refinance Loans
Apr 28, 2015

What is Power of Sale?

Power of Sale is a legal provision that allows the actual owner of the property to sell if or when the borrower defaults on their mortgage.